Why Use Garza Business  

"Using Garza Business
Services has saved me the
cost of additional employees
and has provided me with
access to useful information
when needed."

    John Massaro, President
    Source One Plastics, Inc.

" Garza Business Services
has provided my company
with the proper financial
models to clearly see our
company's profit potential"

    Eric Carlson, President
    JDEC Laser
    Technologies, Inc.

Accounting Services

I recognize that all companies are different, and that's why I custom
design my accounting services to meet your company's specific

The three levels of services below serve as starting points, helping
you determine the level of accounting services you require.

Basic Accounting Services
The Basic Accounting Service is a monthly service which includes
journalizing and posting non-standard transactions to your general
ledger as necessary.  Bank reconciliations, financial statements and
year-end reports for your tax preparation are also part of the basic
services package.

Standard Accounting Services
Standard Accounting Services include all services listed under Basic
Accounting Services,
plus additional reports and file maintenance.

Advanced Accounting Services
Advanced Bookkeeping Services include all Basic Accounting
Services, incorporating custom reports that enable you to better
analyze your revenue and expenses. Quarterly budget reviews are
also provided at this level.

For more information on Accounting services, please see my
Accounting Services FAQ, or better yet contact me.