Why Use Garza Business  

"Using Garza Business
Services has saved me the
cost of additional employees
and has provided me with
access to useful information
when needed."

    John Massaro, President
    Source One Plastics, Inc.

" Garza Business Services
has provided my company
with the proper financial
models to clearly see our
company's profit potential"

    Eric Carlson, President
    JDEC Laser
    Technologies, Inc.

Management Reports

Customer Analysis Reports
Most companies know who their biggest customers are. What is
frequently more important, however, is knowing who are your most
profitable customers. One of the CFO Services I provide is to create
reports that make it easy for you to analyze all of your customers. In
order to create a report with useful information, capturing key
information is vital. To this end, much of my initial work is designed
around setting up systems that make it easy to gather relevant
information. Efficient systems save time and money.

Analysis of Major Expenses
As important as knowing where your cash is coming from is knowing
where your cash is going. It is especially important to understand
exactly how specific expenses are contributing to the overall profitability
of the company. One of the CFO Services I provide is to help you
understand your recurring expenses and to determine which expenses
to monitor closely.

Budgeting Reports
Budgeting can be one of the most difficult tasks your management team
has to perform. It is also one of the most important. Inaccurate
budgeting can lead to poor decisions. I work with my customers to
carefully consider all the possibilities that can affect both revenue and

Cash Flow Reports
Cash is king. Knowing how much you have, how much you need, what
to do with excess cash, and what you will do if your cash runs out is
essential. A key part of my CFO Services is assisting clients with
managing cash effectively.

CFO Services I provide