Why Use Garza Business  

"Using Garza Business
Services has saved me the
cost of additional employees
and has provided me with
access to useful information
when needed."

    John Massaro, President
    Source One Plastics, Inc.

" Garza Business Services
has provided my company
with the proper financial
models to clearly see our
company's profit potential"

    Eric Carlson, President
    JDEC Laser
    Technologies, Inc.


I provide a variety of consulting services to my clients at a negotiated
rate based on your company's level of need. Some of these services

Develop and Install New Accounting Systems
I have installed accounting systems for both small and large companies.
I have both the accounting and project management skills to evaluate,
select and install the right accounting package for your business.

Develop and Analyze Business Plans
Developing a business plan for even a simple business can be
complicated and confusing. However, the success of a new business is
often dependent upon a good business plan. I can help you develop a
realistic, simple, and flexible business plan.

Develop Financial Models
I can help you develop a comprehensive financial model that will help
you evaluate different scenarios, present your business to others, and
better manage your business. As every business is different, I custom
build all financial models for my clients.

Develop Systems to Maximize Operational Efficiency
Effective operational systems ensure your employees know what they
are supposed to be working on and how their work ties into the
corporate objectives. Further, effective operational systems are
necessary to make sure your customers receive superior service. I can
assist you with creating and implementing operational systems that will
maximize the efficiency of your employees.

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan
I am available to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for all your
documented and electronic information in the event of a disaster.

Consulting Services