Why Use Garza Business  

"Using Garza Business
Services has saved me the
cost of additional employees
and has provided me with
access to useful information
when needed."

    John Massaro, President
    Source One Plastics, Inc.

" Garza Business Services
has provided my company
with the proper financial
models to clearly see our
company's profit potential"

    Eric Carlson, President
    JDEC Laser
    Technologies, Inc.

Why Use Garza Business Services?

I seek to establish long-term relationships with my customers. Before
agreeing to provide CFO services and/or accounting services to a
new customer, I will attempt to gain a thorough understanding of
your business and to determine how and where my expertise fits.

There are many benefits to hiring a
part-time CFO:  

  • Cost Savings. You gain the knowledge and expertise of an experienced
    professional for significantly less than it would cost to hire a full-time
  • Sharing of Useful Information. My exposure to a variety of  businesses
    and situations allows me gain valuable experience which I am able to
    share among my customers - better than you would receive from a full-
    time CFO.
  • Financial & Operational Expertise. The real value I provide is helping
    you to understand what numbers are important and what they mean for
    your business.
  • Custom Designed Services. I tailor my services to meet your needs.
    You only contract for services that are valuable to you.

Benefits of outsourcing your accounting include:

  • Less expensive: Your accounting is done quickly and efficiently, saving
    your money.
  • Decreased employee costs: You save money because you don't have
    to pay salary, benefits and payroll taxes. In addition, your don't incur the
    costs  of employee training and turnover.
  • Efficient accounting: I am an experienced accountant and I will set up
    efficient systems, meaning that your pay for less total work.
  • Decreased accounting costs: By increasing the accuracy and efficiency
    of  your books, I save you money at tax time.
  • Focus on your business: By turning over your accounting to me, you can
    focus on your expertise: running your business.
  • Improved feedback: Your books will be better maintained and more
    accurate, enabling you to get improved feedback on your business